2022 in Review

Like most writers, I share my work and talk shop mostly on Twitter, but at the end of 2022, that place smells a bit like food you left in the fridge too long. I’ll still check in there, but I’ll also (inconsistently, I’m sure) make more use of this blog function on my website. So, since I posted the year-in-review thread writers are apparently supposed to do on Twitter, I’ll recreate it here too. It was a good year for my writing getting out into the world, and here are my poems etc. published in 2022:

  1. Thanks to the Green Mountain Club for their poetry contest. Technically 2021 but the poem posted in early 2022.
  2. Couple of baseball ones now on HAD. Also check out this great post by the artist who made the great painting above my poems.
  3. About cows but not about cows one in trampset.
  4. Three basketball poems in Words & Sports.
  5. Yes, this poem in Moist Poetry Journal legitimately started with a Rick Springfield license plate holder I saw on Evergreen Road.
  6. Variant Lit had their inaugural Pizza Prize, and I’m happy to have had a finalist poem in the mix.
  7. Thanks to my friend Jared Beloff (buy his book out in Feb. 2023) for nominating this one for Olney’s poets-nominating-poets series.
  8. Speaking of Jared, he also brought me along for this interview series that pairs writers. Told you he’s a good dude.
  9. On the topic of poet friends, Leigh Chadwick (buy her books) and I collaborated on some poems this year. I think they’re all out there somewhere now, but here is one in Words & Sports and another in Heavy Feather Review.
  10. My first Pushcart nomination came for this one in Whale Road Review. (Big thanks to the editors!)
  11. One out in December on HAD, and for what it’s worth, probably the most popular of all these over on Twitter.
  12. Thanks to Dwayne Hayes at KickstART Farmington for letting me do some blogging about art.
  13. Thanks also to KickstART for letting me do the Wednesday Night Sessions show. I still can’t believe all these incredible writers agreed to record episodes!
  14. A couple more interviews: one on the My Bad Poetry podcast and another in The New Thing newsletter.

Thanks to all the editors and hosts and guests on WNS. My apologies if I missed anything, and thanks for reading (and watching/listening)!

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