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The unpublished poetry manuscript We Hold These Truths was a runner-up in the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize. The judge, Kathleen Hellen, offered very kind commentary here. It was also a finalist for the 2020 Wheelbarrow Books Poetry Prize, and an earlier version was a semifinalist for the 2017 Philip Levine Prize.


Air Show” in West Texas Literary Review

An American Villanelle [Adult Mix]” in L2T

At Sunset” in STAND Magazine

“[Attention Grabber Goes Here]” in English Journal

“Bouncy House” and “Electrostatic & Magic” in New Plains Review

“Communion” in Ponder Review

Descent” in Exposition Review: “Descent” was also nominated for Best of the Net 2019.

Desire/Knowledge/Integrity/Humility/Perspective/Truth” in 433 (inspired by this EP)

Disguises” in The Wayne Literary Review

“The Farm in Spring” and “Sam Cooke Said a Change is Gonna Come” in Dunes Review

Fever Dreaming” was a finalist in Alexandria Quarterly’s 2018 End-of-Summer Poem Contest

Field Trees” in The Hopper

Fungus” in Nurture: “Fungus” was also nominated for Best of the Net 2021.

Homecoming” in English Journal (Requires subscription to view.)

In the Early Days” and “Turned & Turning” in No Contact

“Inaugust” forthcoming in Great Lakes Review

“It’s All High Tide Now” in The Hopper

Lake Huron, June 2017” in 8 Poems

The LeBroniverse (Brought to You by Gatorade)” in Barstow & Grand

Matters” in Rise Up Review

Measuring” in Perhappened

Monumental” in Wine Cellar Press

Muertos” in Roaknoke Review

Naming It” in Headline Poetry

Periodic” in Plum Recruit

Pulse” in The Blue Mountain Review (Page 43 of issue 15)

Seasonless” in HAD

So You’d Better Pay Attention” in Hobart

Thank God for Ozzie Smith” and “To Judge the Living and the Dead” in LAJM (Click link, then click download.)

“Thank God for Ozzie Smith” is also in Cobalt Review’s 2018 baseball issue as a semifinalist for their baseball contest.

There is No News Cycle on the Trail” in Rockvale Review

The Trees” in Sunspot Literary Journal

We Hold These Truths” in 433

We Should Do That” in HAD

What We Teach” in Porcupine Literary

“Why I Peed Outside with the Dog” in the Outrider Press anthology The Stars


Blood and Dust” in Flyover Country

Scars” in Rejection Letters


Jalen Rose: In Defense of Michigan in HeadFake Hoops

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