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The unpublished poetry manuscript We Hold These Truths was a runner-up in the 2019 Hopper Poetry Prize. The judge, Kathleen Hellen, offered very kind commentary here. It was also a finalist for the 2020 Wheelbarrow Books Poetry Prize, and an earlier version was a semifinalist for the 2017 Philip Levine Prize.


For poems from 2020 and earlier, see this page.

“A Jackass Learns to Call Them Groundhogs Now” and “Book Maples” in Paddler Press – Download volume 7 here.

A Jackass Offers an Apology” in Olney Magazine

Aluminum Gods of ’81” and “I Always Coached Point Guards to Dribble with a Purpose” in The Under Review

[Attention Grabber Goes Here]” in English Journal

Baseball Dust” and “Kid Glove” in HAD

The Cow That Hangs Back Is Still in the Herd” in trampset

Desire/Knowledge/Integrity/Humility/Perspective/Truth” in 433 (inspired by this EP)

Fungus” in Nurture: “Fungus” was also nominated for Best of the Net 2021.

I’d Rather Be” in Moist Poetry Journal

In the Bubble,” “Three-Pointer,” and “Balance” in Words & Sports Quarterly

Inaugust” in Great Lakes Review

“It’s All High Tide Now” in The Hopper

Koan for Washing Dishes” in Whale Road Review

Leaves” and “A Jackass Looks at the Dutch & Faces a Truth” in The Night Heron Barks

Matters” in Rise Up Review

Monumental” in Wine Cellar Press

“Nightcrawling” in the anthology Marvelous Verses

Periodic” in Plum Recruit

Rebuilding Fire” in HAD

7:15 a.m., third floor, making copies,” runner up in the Green Mountain Club 2021 Poetry Contest

The Spine” in HAD

Together, A Way” in Variant Lit (finalist in Variant Literature’s First Annual Pizza Prize)

We Should Do That” in HAD

Forthcoming in Pidgeonholes, Bear Review, Stone Circle Review, The Blue Mountain Review, Louisiana Literature

Collaborations: “There is No Answer to the Simplicity of Weather” with Leigh Chadwick in Heavy Feather Review, “Day-to-Day” and “What Swallows but Doesn’t See” with Leigh Chadwick in Handwritten & Co., and “Steve Blass Goes to Louisville” with Leigh Chadwick in Words & Sports Quarterly


Blood and Dust” in Flyover Country

Scars” in Rejection Letters

Somewhere” in Porcupine Literary


Jalen Rose: In Defense of Michigan” in HeadFake Hoops

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